Step 1
Double-click the Client Track 6 setup (.exe) icon on your desktop.
Step 2
30-Day Free Trial
1) Select which edition you would like to try during the 30-day free trial period. The free trial is a full working
    is a full working version with all of the features of Client Track 6.
2) Click Try Client Track For Free and go to Step 3 section.
Client Track Editions - Free Trial
Register Client Track 6
1) When you are ready to purchase Client Track 6, mark down on paper your Product Number as seen above
    which you will need for the payment type of your choice here. You can also go through the payment form
    without a Product Number and then click Email Us to request a registration code afterwards.
2) Copy your registration code within a confirmation purchase email sent from us.
3) In Client Track's main menu, go to Support > Registration Information.
4) Paste your registration code inside text field shown below and click Register Now to unlock the free trial mode.
Client Track Editions - Free Trial
Step 3
Startup Wizard - Data File Location
Client Track automatically creates a data file for you, therefore, click Next.
Note: If there is en existing data file, click Specify File Location and link Client Track to that data file.
For more information on data file, go here.
Step 4
Startup Wizard - Select Province
1) Select your province from drop-down list.
2) Click Next.
Step 5
Startup Wizard - Company Information
1) Insert all of your company's information in all of the fields.
2) Click Next.
Step 6
Startup Wizard - Add First User
1) Type in full and user names.
2) Click Next.
Note: The user name appears in the login screen when you start up Client Track.
Step 7
Startup Wizard - Type of Clients
1) Select Automatically Install Sample Clients.
2) Click Finish to begin using Client Track.
Step 8
After you purchase Client Track, you can import your clients by following these two steps:
1) Importing Clients' Information
2) Importing Text/CSV file into Client Track