Section 3. The Basics

3.4 Replace a User

NOTE: we recommend you keep all historical user names as they apply to the history in the program. Deleting or replacing a user, can cause the history attached to this name to have broken information regarding the time and items that were assigned to this name while this user was making changes within the software.

Step 1

Users - Replace User Wizard Link
In menu, go to Users > Replace Users
Step 2
Replace User Link
1) Select user to replace from the List Of Users category.
2) Click Replace User.
Step 3
Replace User 

1) Select which employee to replace and by who from drop-down lists.
2) Click View Replace User Options.
Replace User 

3) Check off Replace all tasks originally assigned... and select whether to
    replace user's appointments as well or not.
4) Click Close.
5) Click Replace User to save change.
Video Tutorial
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